Ruth Bühler-Zweifel


Ruth Bühler-Zweifel started painting on porcelain at the age of 20, and developed continuously her skills following the instructions of different teachers in Switzerland and abroad. In 1989 she turned her hobby into her profession and founded her own studio “Au Bijou de la Porcelaine”. Before setting up her own business, she worked in the fashion range and later as a bank business woman, which was very helpful for running her own business. In 1998, she became a “Certified Artist” and “Certified Teacher” by the International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Inc. (IPAT).

Today, “Au Bijou” is a well-known painting school in Switzerland and abroad which offers a vast range of regular courses and special seminars given by internationally well-known artists. It is very appreciated that classes have no more than seven people.Ruth Bühler-Zweifel has also been teaching abroad, since 2005 in Mexico.

Lila Schaad


Lila Schaad has had an education in porcelain painting in a small studio in the city of Basle. At the same time she attended the Arts College, were she could further develop her skills in drawing and creation. For four years, she was manager of a well known studio in Zurich. Afterwards, she had the opportunity to become a student of the renowned Meissen painter Herbert Müller.With the fauna and flora she has a special relationship. Her favourite motives are flowers and particularly roses. Her artworks are based on traditional techniques, but she experiments also with modern design which she applies to both porcelain and glass.

Since more than 25 years, she has been working independently in her own studio. In her painting school, she has already inspired a lot of people for porcelain and glass painting and improved their creative potential.

Since the beginning of 2007, she has been editing, together with Peter Faust, the international magazine PorcelainFlash which focuses on porcelain and glass painting and provides inspirations and ideas in a four-month interval.

She has regularly been giving classes at “Au Bijou” and holding seminars during the weekend.

Elvira Aguiar


Elvira Isabel Alvarez Martinez de Aguiar was born in Goyan in the province of Pontevedra, Spain. Since the age of two, she has been living in Brazil.

From an early age already, she has shown a big interest in drawing and has attended various art painting classes. In 1966, she discovered her passion for the art of porcelain painting to which she has remained faithful to this day.

She was trained in Plastic Art at the University “Santa Cecilia dos Bandeirantes” of Santos, São Paulo.

Today, she is giving painting classes in her own studio in Santos, where she lives. She is also regularly holding seminars in Switzerland, France, Portugal, Mexico, etc.

She is an internationally recognized artist whose works have achieved various prices at national and international exhibitions.

Maria Flachsmann (Perlenfachfrau)


Since 1992, when she visited, as a tourist, various pearl farms in the Far East, Maria Flachsmann has been enthusiastic about the brilliance and naturalness of cultured pearls. Whether they are freshwater or saltwater cultured pearls, from Indonesia, China or Japan, Akoya pearls, South Sea or Tahitian pearls, Maria Flachsmann knows all different types and shapes of cultured pearls. She has acquired her deep knowledge in this field, through self-study, while travelling and thanks to her participation in numerous workshops and seminars. She has taught hundreds of woman (and various men) in pearl knotting, but also about the origin, the quality differences and the care of these beautiful, naturally grown gems.

It is with great enthusiasm, that Maria Flachsmann has been giving pearl knotting classes at different training schools and at her own studio in Thalwil, in which she offers a wide range of cultured pearls and catches.

Since February 2009, she has regularly been teaching at “Au Bijou”.