State-owned Meissen Porcelain Manufactory

The Meissen Manufactory was established in 1710. In 1918 it was nationalised and since 1991 it operates as a limited company under the name “Staatliche Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen GmbH”, its sole shareholder being the Federal State of Saxony.

In 1999 Ruth Bühler-Zweifel was invited to participate in the first painting seminar with a group of international artists. At the end of October 1999, she visited the manufactory with 25 clients, of which some remained in order to follow a painting seminar of several days.

Dresden Porcelain Manufactory in Saxony

The Dresden Manufactory was founded in 1872 and cultivates artisanal traditions to this day. The “Dresden Rose” and the “Dresden Bouquet” are very popular.

After a first visit of the manufactory in May 1999, at the end of October of the same year we had the possibility to join a seminar of several days with an enthousiastic group of painters.

Herend Porcelain Manufactory

n 1826, Herend started the production of stoneware and carried out experiments in the manufacture of porcelain. In 1948 the manufactory was nationalised. Since it was privatised in 1993, 75% of the company is in employee hands.

In 1984, Ruth Bühler-Zweifel joined a painting class under the guidance of the Herend master peinter Jozsef Glück, and in 1985 she was invited to visit the company and participate in a painting class of several days in the manufactory.