Porcelain painting

8 x 2 hours

CHF  240.-

Porcelain painting

8 x 21/2 hours

CHF  300.-

Porcelain painting

8 x 3 hours

CHF  360.-

Porcelain painting

4 x 3 hours

CHF  180.-

Porcelain painting

4 x 4 hours

CHF  240.-

Indian painting

1 x 3 hours

CHF   75.-

Private classes

1 hour

CHF   80.-

Individual classes

1 x 2 hours


CHF   38.-

Intensive seminars

upon request

Additional costs


The class fee does not include the costs of the porcelain, the colours, the tools and the firing.



Students, also of the individual classes, receive a 5% discount on the white porcelain. The discount cannot be applied to other articles.

On purchases of complete dish sets (of at least 6 pieces) we will offer a discount of 10%, valid also for the decorated porcelain.



If you are unable to attend a class, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Missed classes cannot be recovered.



We recommend you our large selection of white porcelain for painting. You have also the possibility to use your own porcelain in our classes. The selling of own articles between students is not allowed.



We take a lot of care over the firing of your porcelain. Nevertheless, it may happen that a piece will break. In this case the firing costs do not have to be paid, but we cannot take further responsibilities.